Who we are ...

We have been manufacturing and selling exhaust bypass controllers for several years.  As keys are not generally considered a performance accessory, we believe that  separating the two lines of business ... exhaust controllers and car keys ... will avoid confusion and allow individual focus on the two product lines.  Click here to see our exhaust controllers. 

We provide high quality ignition keys for motor cars that will give the owner a sense of pride whilst providing high value.  Klassik Car Keys not only provide an identification of the vehicle, but can also be considered a piece of jewelry.  We believe our designs will be timeless and become part of the experience of classic motor car ownership.  Our keys are made for discriminating owners of fine classic cars.  Our unique keys speak of good taste and pride of ownership.  

We are not a source for all car keys.  Over time we will add to our portfolio based on the significance of the vehicle and interest from classic car owners.  If you have a specific vehicle that you are interested in, please drop us a line.

What are Klassik Car Keys?

Our keys are customized motor car ignition keys for discriminating owners of classic cars. 

Klassik Car Keys are specifically made for cars that are considered, "classics".  Perhaps due to styling, exclusivity or historical significance. 

Pride of Ownership

You take pride in your car.  Klassik keys enhance that pride of  ownership with every use. 

They are functional and enduring pieces of jewelry that will compliment and distinctly identify your car.  Our keys are better than original keys, have superior quality and provide an indication of the pride you take in your car.