Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are the keys made?

The key blanks are sourced from commercial companies in the USA or Europe.  The key blanks are fully encapsulated in acrylic resin using thermoplastic injection process by a specialist mold and plastic injection company in Gilbert, Arizona.


Can I use my own key and have it encapsulated with acrylic resin?

No.  The process for encapsulating the key head in acrylic resin is very specific to the key blank.


What vehicles are compatible with the Klassik Car Keys?

Check the key Klassik Key's product page for a list of compatible vehicles.
Click here for the Klassik Enzo-Style Key for Ferrari 1989-2005 Product Page
Click here for the Klassik Enzo Style Key for Ferrari 1964-1988 Product Page


What is a Single-Sided key versus a Double-Sided key?

A single-sided key has the cuts located on a single side.  These keys can only be inserted into the lock cylinder one way.  Single-sided keys were the norm for automobiles up till about 1980.  They are still the norm for the majority of keys such as house keys.

Double-sided (or sometimes called symmetrical-cut) keys have cuts on both sides.  These keys can be inserted into the lock cylinder in either orientation.  Symmetrical cut keys are the norm for automobiles today ... although many have internal cuts verses external cuts.


The Ferrari F430 is not listed as compatible, yet the key profile appears as if it were.  Will the key work with the Ferrari F430?

Although the key profile is such that it will fit the F430 and unlock the ignition, the key does not contain the necessary electronics to disable the immobilizer.  The keys we offer are only suitable for vehicles without an immobilizer or vehicles with the immobilizer separate from the key itself ... for example, the Ferrari 360 has an immobilizer with a remote fob that is separate from the key itself.


My car was made in 1989.  For example, the Ferrari 328.  Which key should I choose?

Ferrari cut over from single-sided keys to double-sided keys in 1989.  Generally, models that started in 1989 use the double-sided keys and car models that ended in 1988 use single-sided keys.  During the transition year, it is not certain which key may have been utilized.  See the information immediately below for more information.


How can I be sure that the Klassik Car Key will be compatible with my vehicle?

Check the compatibility table on the product page before ordering your key.  In addition, the following information should be helpful.  Once you receive the Klassik Car Key for your vehicle, perform the following steps prior to having the key cut:

  1. The Klassik Enzo Style Key for Ferrari's 1989 - 2005 are for ignition lock cylinders that accept a double-sided (symmetrical cut) key ... having identical cuts on both sides of the key, allowing the key to be used either way up.  If your key is double-sided, the Double-Sided Enzo Style is very likely compatible with your Ferrari.  If your key is single-sided, Single-Sided Enzo Style key is most likely correct.
  2. Check the keyway profile of the Klassik Car Key to your existing key.  If you already have your Klassik Car Key, hold both keys with the tip of the key toward your eye and sight down the keys.  They should have the same profile.  Look at the illustration in #4 below.
  3. For the either the double-sided or the single-sided key, check the distance of the key shank to assure it is the same.  Measure from the shoulder of the key to the tip.  Your existing key should be same dimension shown in the illustration in #4 below.

  4. Gently insert the uncut Klassik Car Key into your vehicle's ignition lock.  Ensure that the key easily slides into the lock cylinder.  If the key does not easily slide into the wards of lock cylinder, do not force it.  This would be an indication that the key is likely not compatible.  After insertion into the lock cylinder, do not try to turn the key.  The Klassik Car Key should easily insert into the lock cylinder if the profile and length are appropriate. 

    Key Profile

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  5. Once you have performed the above steps and are satisfied with the fit into the ignition, you should be OK to proceed having your key cut.  If you are unsure at this step, have your keys examined by a qualified locksmith before cutting.


What is the return policy?

You can return the Klassik Car Key within 30 days of purchase for a full refund if the following conditions are met:


What is the process for duplicating my existing key?

Klassik Car Keys are for pin-tumbler locks and have external cuts.  The Klassik Car Key blanks are made for keys with external cuts and are easily duplicated on a key duplicating machine that are commonly available at a hardware store or locksmith. 

For best results, only have your existing key duplicated by a competent service provider.  Once the key is cut, it is not returnable for a refund.